About Us

MIAD DELIJAN COMPANY  started its activities in 2006 by aiming at producing various types of pre-fabricated insulators and polymer depravities for flat  roof.
By benefitting from its well equipped lab and owing to constant efforts in research, MIAD DELIJAN COMPANY   is able to take samples of its consumed materials and products and perform relevent tests. The quality Control Department of the Company checks the test results and supervises the production process and products in a routine way, which in turn has led to significant progress and advancements in improving the quality and quantity of the company’s products. The Company’s performance has led to gaining market  satisfaction both in quality and quantity.



Company policy

The company has made every effort to produce a quality product with the help of its hard-working personnel, and in this regard has been able to maintain a product that complies with all waterproofing standards in order to safeguard the interests of our customers to take a small step towards the trust of our dear customers. .
The company has also been able to install smoke filtration equipment with the help of its engineers to protect the environment and reduce pollution, which is completely indigenous and the registration process is ongoing.
The company's innovative system has reduced emissions by 1/3, which is a major step in the company's environmental policy.



Manager team 

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GholamReza Delavari